Variants of wordings in Anand no Garbo

From the ancient times, we – followers of Hinduism have prayed to out Gods & Goddesses with different prayers. Our ancestors taught us all these prayers with help of Shruti (Hearing) and Smriti (Remembering).

When divine song ‘Anand no Garbo’ was created, it wasn’t penned down on paper and was spread among devotees with Shruti and Smriti. People heard the song, then sung it and with repeated singing, they remembered it. While the song was passed on from one person to other, it created variants in some of wordings.

You may find some wording difference in various written sources of this diving song. It is alike old tell – ‘બાર ગાઉએ બોલી બદલાય’ (spoken language might have variants after twelve villages). This doesn’t mean what we are singing is worthless. Maa Bahuchara is our mother and mother always forgives her children for silly mistakes when they apologies.

We also apologies to our mother, Maa Bahuchara if we had made some mistakes while singing this divine song. We also apologies for any mistakes we had made while translating this divine song.

Source of Legends of Maa Bahuchara

All legends mentioned on this page are tells passed on by elders and devotees. Legends you have heard earlier might vary from the stories mentioned here. We don’t have any historical literature or any kind of proof to prove these legends. If any content on this website is not satisfying our readers, we apologies for that. Information on this website has been taken from pass on references and it is collection of tells.