Pragatya of Bala Tripur Sundari – Maa Bahuchara

There are many legends describing miracles associated Shree Mataji. Among them, it was considered four Pragatya (occurrence) of Bala Tripur Sundari – Maa Bahuchara

Pratham (First) Pragatya

As described in Puranas, area surrounding Bahucharji was under the control of Dandasur demon. His capital was Rajpura (Detroj). Bahuchraji Mata in the form of young girl killed Dandasur and re-established vedic religion.

Dwittiya (Second) Pragatya

On Bhagvan Kapil muni and Kardam muni’s prayers Goddess gave darshan to them.

Trittiya (Third) Pragatya

In the forest of varakhadi (boru), shepherd boys had cooked rice in small earthen pots to be offered as prasad to Mataji. One king came there with his troops and challenged the Shepard boys to serve prasad to his troops. The boys served prasad to the whole troops from the small earthen pots.

Chaturth (Fourth) Pragatya

A princess was born the queen of Kalari’s Solanki King Vajesingh. However, they declared that a son is born and was named Tejpal. He was married to Chavada King of Patan. But when his in-laws came to know about his secret he ran away on his horse and sat at Mataji’s place in boruvan. He saw a bitch transforming to a dog and his female horse transforming to a male horse, he too went to take a dip in the lake and was transformed from female to male.

Legends describing other Miracles

Shree Mataji gave darshan to Vallabh Bhatt at the age of 13 years and blessed them as Devi Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge) and he wrote ‘Anand no Garbo’. A regular singing of Anand no Garbo leads to fulfilment of one’s desires.

There are many other legends associated with Shri Mataji like Shrinathji at Nathdwara wore a nose ring; The dead cocks ate by soldiers of Allauddin Khilji were reborn; Srimant Manajirao Gakewad was cured of disease; to honour the word of devotee Vallabh Bhat, food with mango juice was served in off season of mangos; Goddess attended the marriage ceremony of devotee Jaduram Bhat’s son etc.